Sacred Heart International Services, Incorporated


Operator: Merly Acdal

1638 Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Tel. No.: (632) 525-5237
Fax No.: (632) 302-1507


Sacred Heart International Services, Inc. – Providing the world with strong highly qualified, hardworking Filipino manpower.

Sacred Heart International Services Inc. is your reliable and efficient Partner in Overseas Employment.

We are an agency, duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Specializing in the recruitment and deployment of Filipino professionals and workers Abroad.

SHIS Inc. Credentials

A family owned corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), on October 22, 1997, with a business licensed issued by the City of Manila. It acquired its license as an overseas manpower company in November of 1998 from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

SHIS Inc. Brief History

From its humble beginnings and strong-willed commitment to service and efficiency SHIS was able to carve its indisputable niche in the industry of manpower development and export. Within the few months of its successful operation, the company forged business alliances with various foreign companies which draw its needs for Filipino Manpower thru SHIS Inc.

We are dealing with clients from Hongkong, Taiwan (being a lead agent) United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore. At the same time, it is working fevereishly to develop new markets globally.


We are committed to efficiently and with speed respond to any request for manpower from any foreign company. In the process of providing qualified Filipino manpower within the timetable set by our foreign clients, we strive to towards better living and employment opportunities for Filipinos wishing to explore job opportunities overseas.

We shall strive to maintain and promote high standards and quality services to respond to the demands of the global manpower landscape within the realm of values, trust and professionalism

SPECIALIZATION - We specialize in the recruitment of domestic positions like domestic helpers, etc. We also can recruit Filipino healthcare professionals like registered nurses with CGFNS and NCLEX certificates, for employment in the United States and also for employment in Europe and Asia.


1. Healthcare – doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists,. occupational therapists. respiratory therapists, medical technologists, radiographers, healthcare assistants, senior carers, caregiver, dieticians, speech therapists
2. Construction and Engineering – Engineers of all categories, foremen, carpenters, pipe fitters, bricklayers, masons, electricians, skilled and unskilled workers
3. Hotel –hospitality-chefs, waiters and waitresses, bartenders, housekeeping, kitchen and front office personnel
4. Information technology professionals, programmers, analysts, database staff
5. Teachers, majors in different subjects and courses
6. Heavy duty drivers, mechanics, heavy equipment operators
7. Salesman and sales staff
8. Domestic workers –domestic helpers, family drivers, caregivers
9. Car and truck maintenance-mechanics, heavy duty equipment operators


It is our avowed commitment to make available to its clients, a manpower design and strategy to deploy Filipino manpower required within the specific timetable.


Sacred Heart International Service Inc is manned by competent, highly experienced and dedicated persons in the field. They have developed an expertise in the selection, documentation and processing of manpower in various capacities, in the past, both of government and private establishments.

Business Address: A. Mabini Street Corner Santa Monica Street, Ermita, Manila
Tel. Nos: (632) 525-5227 (632) 525-5237
Fax Nos.: (632) 302-1507
Email Address:

Branch offices
73 Gen. Luna Street corner Ligot St.
Laoag City (6377)771-7542

3F Masterland Bldg
Jose Singson St
Vigan Ilocos Sur  

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